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At SmartKapital, we strive to make our clients to become "Stars" in their markets and beyond. We bring in a unique blend of global perspective, expertise in key industries and functional areas and a deep knowledge of Indian and South-East Asian Markets.

Unlike most of our peer firms, we simply do not start with a valuation exercise. We actively partner and engage with our customers from very early on to evaluate the vision, business model, growth opportunities and key challenges that impede their prospects -such as, business model optimization, capital need, gaps/deficiencies in key management roles, organizational alignment to business goals, etc.

We would then help our customers on a valuation based on 3 key criteria -
  1. Should account for all of the realistic strategic opportunities
  2. Should outline the best option for financing - Equity, Debt or a combination thereof
  3. Should clearly outline IRR, exit options and timeline for investors
Through our vast network of investors, we would bring in capital at a valuation acceptable to both the customer and the investor. Once the deal is complete, we continue working with the customer to realize all the strategic goals, thus hastening exit options for the investor.

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