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Educational services company, Bangalore - This higher-education services company focuses on providing Exam Management Services to Universities, and is in a very rapid growth phase. With upto 10 new contracts being signed every year, each worth on average of Rs 5 Crores/year ($1.25M) and with committed annual revenues for 3-5 years per contract, revenues conservatively are estimated to reach Rs 386 Crores ($89M)/yr with EBITDA margin of 55% in 2015 from Rs 20 Crore in Mar 2010. Opportunities also exist to explore outsourcing parts of the exam management process from the US and European markets. Funding needs and timing: A total of Rs 75 Crore ($17M) equity with roughly $10M primary and $7M secondary, by Feb/Mar 2011. Preference for investors who focus on education investments, and can promote international exposure for the firm.
Portable medical diagnostic device company, US & India - This US-based company makes and sells cutting-edge non-invasive portable diagnostic medical devices that have been designed from the ground up to serve the needs of emerging markets with a breakthrough low cost product architecture using standard parts and platforms. The company has obtained CE Mark and FDA approvals. Its tests are approved for insurance reimbursement in the US and currently in limited use in both the Indian and US markets through purely word-of-mouth marketing. Revenues conservatively expected to grow from $3.3 million in the first year post investment, to $51 million in Yr 4 and $92 million in Yr 5. Funding needs and timing: About $5M equity funding by Mar/Apr 2011 for marketing and sales efforts in the US and secondarily India/other emerging markets. Also evaluating strategic investment/acquisition.
M-Commerce and M-Banking platform company, Singapore - The company provides a state-of-the-art mobility middleware platform with a comprehensive set of industry specific, pre-built mobility applications (across all major mobile platforms and devices) and standardized, in-built connectors to backend and third party systems such as payment gateways and social media networks. Current focus is on the financial services space and the travel & leisure business verticals. The company generates around SGD 5M in revenues, has 15 live deployments with over 5 Million end users today in Singapore, India and the Middle East. Using an enterprise-licensing and hosted services model, the company also goes to market in partnership with the likes of Sybase/SAP, IBM, and Oracle. Funding needs and timing: Looking for $5M equity to fund geographic expansion including the US/Europe, launching a cloud-based transaction-type business model, and developing people capital.
Rapid field data capture solutions company, US - This US-based company addresses a critical gap in most enterprise applications today – the difficulty of accurate field data capture in areas such as prospecting for sales, field service & maintenance, insurance claims & adjustments, etc. Current focus is on improving sales force effectiveness and efficiency through end-to-end activity data capture. Rapid-Reporting is a technology-enabled service that allows sales people to leave voice reports after each sales call, which are securely transcribed overnight at the company’s back-end in India, providing inputs to existing CRM/SFA systems and offering immediate access to activity and performance reports for both sales people and their managers. With a target market of over 1.5M sales reps in the US, the company conservatively estimates revenues will grow from $5M in the first year to $257M in year 5 with EBITDA margins of 48%. Funding needs and timing: $1.2M being raised immediately as angel funding (by Jan/Feb 2011), to be followed by a Series A in 12 months that could be between $2-4M.
Green DCIM solutions company, Chennai - This company is a products-led services organization focused on the Green Data Center Infrastructure Mgmt space. Between 2006 and 2011, US data center energy use is expected to double to more than 100 billion kWh; which is a $7.4 billion annual electricity cost. To-date DCIM vendors evaluate and reduce energy consumption at a building block level. Green DCIM uses a more granular approach that links energy use to the applications, business processes, and functions of the organization, and the underlying cultural practices that reinforce certain use patterns. Projected total spend of $ 6.5B globally on Green DCIM, resulting in a potential savings of $ 80B by 2015. The company offers products that create complete visibility of energy use and help data center managers understand, predict and optimize energy use. Funding needs and timing: Roughly $2M by Mar/Apr 2011 for sales and marketing in the US and India, and to enhance the product development team in India.
Asset tracking platform & solutions company, US - The company is a turn-key provider of asset tracking solutions – hardware, software and implementation - primarily using RFID technology. The company has developed a robust middleware platform that is completely web-based, implements a very fast rule engine, supports complex interdependency rules, and accepts different sensory inputs from RFID to optical and weight sensors. Solutions built on this middleware are extremely flexible and scalable, can work seamlessly with existing and disparate input and output systems. The company also produces custom hardware for specific applications. One such product is the Zen Smart Shelf which targets asset/inventory tracking in IT store rooms, high-value retail display and storage, and hospital store rooms. The market for these shelves is estimated at $2B. Another product is Tesseract – a unit that allows continuous visibility of assets tracked by a combination of RFID, GPS, GPRS, and GSM. Funding needs and timing: Roughly $2M by Mar/Apr 2011 for working capital for producing the Zen Smart Shelves and Tesseract units, and for marketing in the US.
F&B E-Marketing platform & solutions company, Bangalore - The company is an online media & services company providing e-marketing platform solutions for restaurants, resorts, and pubs. Current focus is on providing differentiated solutions to businesses in the food and beverage segment by delivering effective table management and cost-effective marketing to tap the high-volume, high-margin non-casual dining business e.g., business dining, parties, events, etc. The company is already operational in Bangalore, having over 200 partner restaurants effectively serving more than 8,000 diners every month. The company handles more than 100 party requests per month. The company estimates that the total addressable market is of the order of Rs 5000 Crore ($1.2B) Funding needs and timing: $1M being raised for expansion to 6 cities, and to expand products and services to become one-stop solution for F&B businesses. 24/11/2010
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